Why I Dress My Two Year Old Like An Adult?

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” -Mark Twain 


A few hours after a picture of Adam at the Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival was posted on Humans of New York(HONY) Facebook page, comments flooded the post about why followers love or hate how my two year old son was dressed in a suit.

Most comments were incredibly kind and supportive.

What I was not expecting is people to get upset about a child dressed like a little adult.

I love dressing up Adam because I am proud of my son and it reminds me of my goal to raise him as a gentleman. It also brings a smile to strangers faces to see a tot outfitted like a little grandpa.

One HONY follower posted, “I wish people would stop dressing children like they’re adults. Put that boy in a scooby doo shirt and let him roll in the mud.” Another comment directed to fix Adams drooping pants, because they hate sagging pants on boys of any age. A mom playfully responded to the post that she would be afraid to dress her child in a suit in fear he would spill milk on his clothes before leaving the house.

What you can’t tell from the photo is that I accept both premises that Adam is a toddler and the risk that he will get his “nice clothes” dirty. He has the freedom to roll in the mud in his sweat pants or his Sunday’s best. Although, mud piles are tricky to find in New York City.

I am so stinking proud of him and love to dream about the plans God has for his life and the man that he will grow up to be.

Dressing up our kids doesn’t mean we rob them of their childhood. We prepare them for their future. Training a child for adulthood is the most important job of a parent.

This is why I started Junior Baby Hatter. To create a movement where parents dress their young boys like the confident and successful gentleman that they dream their sons to grow up to be. I understand raising a gentleman doesn’t end at dressing a child in a suit and cap but it’s a good start that reminds me to build up my son’s character everyday.


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