Vintage-Inspired Kiddie Couture at the 13th Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party Children's Parade

Childrens Parade at Jazz Age Lawn Party Highlights Vintage-Inspired Fashion Trends

Tiny trendsetters that paraded around at the 13th annual Jazz Age Lawn Party. Shop the boater hat trend here.

Last Saturday and Sunday kicked off the first weekend of the 13th annual Jazz Age Lawn Party! Though the temperature was 90 degrees, the crowd didn't dissapoint with decking out in vintage fashion including caps, suspenders, and bow ties. Even babies and toddlers participated by dressing up in vintage-inspired kiddie couture for the Sunday Children's Parade. A New Orleans-style line of junior gents and flapperettes was lead by a live performance of jazz by Michael Arenella & His Dreamland Orchestra. The parade ended at the Junior Baby Hatter booth in the Dreamland General Store, where each participating child received a free gift of a bow tie or hair bow! Everyone could also participate in a raffle to win a free cap. Check out the winner announcement below and some of our favorite moments from the JALP in June 2018.

Vintage Hats at Jazz Age Lawn Party
Micheal Arenella leading the Kids Parade to Junior Baby Hatter Booth in the Dreamland General Store
Michael Arenella's Dreamland Orchestra
Junior Baby Hatter gave away free bow ties to all the participants in the Kids Parade at Jazz Age Lawn Party
Kids get a free bow ties fro boys at the Jazz Age Lawn Party Kids Parade
Cool Handmade Bow Ties for Boys from Junior Baby Hatter
plaid clip on bow ties for toddlers by Junior Baby Hatter
cool newsboy hat for boys
baby girl sun hat pink seersucker
Decco Inspired Girls Dress and Headband
Trend Vintage Hats for Kids at Jazz Age Lawn Party
Kids Parade at the 2018 Jazz Age Lawn Party
Little Flappers at Jazz Age Lawn Party Children's Parade
kids dancing swing at Jazz Age Lawn Party

If you missed the JALP Children's Parade, you can catch the next one in August 26 at 1:30PM. And now, without further ado, the winner of the raffle for a free cap is....

Thanks to everyone who participated in the raffle!

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