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New Spring Bowtie Capsule Collection Made from Upcycled Fabric!-JuniorBabyHatter

New Spring Bowtie Capsule Collection Made from Upcycled Fabric!

Spring is here and so is our new bowtie capsule collection! You guys asked for matching bowties and now we're answering with a capsule collection of upcycled cotton and linen bowties
Why I Avoid Spandex In My Designs-JuniorBabyHatter

Why I Avoid Spandex In My Designs

Ah Spandex... That wonderful stretchy fabric that brought us great moments in fashion like this... Van Halen Oh and let’s not forget this... Milli Vanilli Today 100% spandex items are harder to find, but spandex is popping up in everything from dress work pants to that slim fit button down shirt in your closet. Betabrand The appeal for blending spandex in everyday clothing is pretty obvious. It can add the perfect amount of stretch for a more [...]

Featured in Maker's Row- Celebrating Black History Month

When I was kid growing up in Jacksonville, Florida, I remembering performing in our city's Black History Month Festival that celebrated local heroes such as James Weldon Johnson. I was so fascinated about the unique history of my high school, Stanton College Preparatory School, being the first school for black children in the state of Florida and named after Lincoln's Secretary of War, that I co-founded an annual [...]

How Junior Baby Hatter got started & what we do

I'm Markisha Velazquez. I'm the founder of Junior Baby Hatter and I'm also the designer and the maker of the flat caps. JBH is a baby accessory brand that makes [...]
Summer Photoshoot Contest Winners-JuniorBabyHatter

Summer Photoshoot Contest Winners

Take a peek on set our 2016 summer photoshoot and meet the adorable winners of the Junior Baby Hatter photo contest.
Why I Dress My Two Year Old Like An Adult?

Why I Dress My Two Year Old Like An Adult?