Field Trip: Factory Tour!

PictureA few weeks ago my son clutched my bracelet in awe and said, “Ooo, Mommy! Cool bracelet. Did you make it?” “No,” I laughed. “Who made it then?”, he asked. “I don’t know,” I shrugged. But that got me thinking, most of the time we have no idea where are clothing or accessories come from. We don’t know who made it, where it was made, or how it was made. We’re even less likely to think of the impact of all those factors on our local economy. That’s why I want to introduce you to this amazing family who owns a small production house in Brooklyn. This family run business happens to be the hand manufacturers of Junior Baby Hatter’s family run business. So today I’ll give you a Mister Rogers style factory tour of the makers of Junior Baby Hatter’s caps.

First, we have to hop aboard the F train to take a trip to Gowanus.
Gowanus is growing neighborhood in Brooklyn that is benefitting from the rebirth of manufacturing in New York.

Meet Moe. The owner and production manager of this family operated cutting and sewing workroom.
Close behind, Moe's mom sews pieces for the production. She is one of the handful of seamstresses that skillfully assembles the caps in the workroom.
Moe and her mom working side by side. Her mom brings decades of experience sewing in New York City's Garment District.
Then there's the expert cutter, Moe's brother, Eddin.
Eddin meticulously stacks the ply of corduroy to get a perfect cut for the seamstresses to sew together. 

The result is a dapper looking cap that adds style to your daily commute.
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