Featured in Maker's Row- Celebrating Black History Month

When I was kid growing up in Jacksonville, Florida, I remembering performing in our city's Black History Month Festival that celebrated local heroes such as James Weldon Johnson. I was so fascinated about the unique history of my high school, Stanton College Preparatory School, being the first school for black children in the state of Florida and named after Lincoln's Secretary of War, that I co-founded an annual Black History Month Celebration for my entire school. It was a passion project that taught me a lot about asking for help from my teachers and student body to carry out a vision.

Founding Junior Baby Hatter, the lessons of seeking wisdom from experienced professionals and partnering with local businesses for resources has come full circle. One invaluable resource that helps me connect with domestic partners and keep Junior Baby Hatter made in the USA is Maker's Row. In celebration of Black History Month, Maker's Row featured Junior Baby Hatter as a black owned small business that is making waves. Check out their blog post where I explain why I started JBH and my advice to future trailblazers with a dream.


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