DIY After School Routine Clock For Kids

If you are a parent, then you know how hard it is to get children back into school mode when the first day sneaks up. This year, I wanted to jump in front of the soon to be war path my lovely six year old would cause and prepare a schedule to slowly transition us. Mornings have never been a problem in our household - it’s bedtime that my little gladiator dislikes. “I hate sleeping!” “But what happens if I never sleep again, mommy?” Just a few of the lovely comments I get to hear before tucking him into bed every night.

I’ve noticed that Aiden does better when there is a schedule in place - things tend to go more smoothly. So, I went to my happy place on the internet and searched through Pinterest for any ideas that may help us this time around. That’s when I came across this beauty. A DIY after school clock for kids! Yes! Not only does it put a schedule in place for children to visually see, but it helps them learn to tell time. Double win!

I am a mom on a budget so I did some searching and found this black wall clock at Target for only $3.99 - Target wall clock. You can save an extra 10% online using discount code -HOMEDEAL. Then, of course after purchasing the one from Target, I saw that IKEA has a basic wall clock for only $1.59 right now for family members!!! Found right here - IKEA wall clock. I definitely should have went with IKEA on this one, lol!

What You Will Need:​

1. Clock
2. Markers
3. Ruler
4. Butter knife
5. Legend for clock (example below) 

How to put it all together:

  1. Lay your clock down on a flat surface and pry open the front face with a butter knife.
  2. Choose which colors you would like to use and color in your time slots.
  3. Example: 2pm - 3pm color blue for homework
  4. Put the front face back on and you are all done!

​Your finished product should look similar to mine below :)
Personally, I like the legend in the frame - it gives it a fancy look. I've seen the legend made with different colored construction paper or even a dry erase board with different colored markers. Anything works, just use your imagination and it will come out great! I mean, who doesn't like a project that is cheap and easy to make and teaches kids not one but two things! I love it and I hope you do too!
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