A Play Space Created by Parents for Parents

Owner, Fara Georgiadis, greets her youngest customers at the door.
In the midst of spring snow storms, Play City, Weehawken’s hottest new indoor play space, opened up as a refuge for young families battling cabin fever. Last week the Junior Baby Hatter family was given a personal tour of the 3000 square feet indoor playground by the owner, Fara Georgiadis. If you missed the tour on Facebook Live, check it out here

After viewing the facility, we sat down with Fara to talk about Play City’s current promotions, birthday party packages, and why this mom of a threenager wanted to create an indoor playground that was designed for parents to enjoy just as much kids.
What did you do before you opened Play City?
I was a stay at home mom to my daughter Lilly.

Do you have any kids?
Yes, I have a daughter who is 3 and also a stepdaughter who is 7.

Why did you open Play City?
I felt like most indoor playgrounds were missing an area for the parents, and I felt always uncomfortable going to these playgrounds were there was no seating for the parents and no food. Whenever I would go to Europe to visit my family, all the playgrounds there had a restaurant or cafeteria, and I felt like we need something like that here too. The parents get together have a coffee and the kids play.

Play City is a play space for kids ages 0 – 11, and it was created by my husband and I from our own experience visiting all these indoor playgrounds. We just wanted to create a space to fulfill the needs of not only the children but also the parents. And it was created by parents for parents and we are very happy that we chose a great place like Weehawken to start our business.

What’s your favorite feature of Play City?
The Café area of course 😊.
"We just wanted to create a space to fulfill the needs of not only the children but also the parents."
What makes Play City different from other indoor play spaces in Weehawken?
It truly is a place that parents can get a little break while the kids play.

What are your current special promotions or offers?
We have until the end of March a promotion, $16 per child for a whole day. After March it will still be $16 per child but with a time limit of 3 Hours.

Do you have discounts for multiple kids in one family?
We do. For an additional sibling you will only have to pay $14 per child instead of $16.
Do you have Birthday Party Packages?
Yes, we have 3 packages: Basic Package, Deluxe and Extravaganza. They all include 2 hours of private playtime in our 3000 SQ ft. space. They are all different prices because they all have different options that include certain things.

Does Play City host any classes or summer programs?
We have Arts and Crafts for ages 1-3, 4-7, 8-13. We also have Baby and Me. It’s a class that involves music, movement and playtime. All our classes include open play afterwards. We don’t have any summer programs yet but we are working on something.
What should parents bring when they come to Play City? Socks, food?
Definitely socks, we don’t allow outside food and beverages. But we do allow you to bring your own baby food.

Is there parking available?
There is street parking for now, but we are working on getting valet for our Birthday Parties.
Play City is open 6 days a week Tuesday to Sunday from 10 AM – 7 PM. Before you visit, be sure to call ahead to check the hours for open play, classes, or if the facility is closed for private events.

Sign up for Play City's Easter Egg Hunt by visiting playcityinc.com and follow their Instagram @playcityinc to view their weekly schedule of classes and closures for private events.

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